What you sea in art... !

The beaches, the coasts, the seas, all the splashes and all the waves have been -and still are- one of the greatest inspirations in art.

Those calming landscapes that every man finds comforting for the soul have been rendered by some of the greatest artists worldwide, or still provide the ultimate soulful place for the emerging ones. The variety is stunning, though. Every one of us sees something different in the concept of a beach..

A little detail can prove to be a whole new artwork world.

Let's see!

Who doesn't feel lonely? Being into the blues, the coastal landscape is transforming to become a reflection of the most deeply inner thoughts.

Nobody portrayed it better than Caspar David Friedrich, in "The Monk by the Sea" (1808-10)

Sometimes the waves create illusions, that either feel like a flower field waiting to be walked.. The most beautifully coloured interpretation of the waves by the king of impressionists, Claude Monet. "Waves Breaking", (1881)

A new artist never fails to see differently and get inspired in every ordinary activity, like the colors and the reflections underwater in

Isabel Emrich's "Collater" (2018)

"Waves Breaking against the Wind" (c.1840)

The torment and the power of nature in the most amazing minimal-like style of Joseph Mallord William Turner. "Waves Breaking against the Wind" (c.1840)

"Seascape near Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer" , by Vincent van Gogh (1888)

Even the most distinctively passionate brush in art history has taken a bow in front of the calmness of the sea...

Paul Bennett, "Mysterious Hazy Paintings of Maritime Landscapes" (2016). Dark atmosphere, tangible strokes, simplicity, can be another side of the sea.

Georges Seurat, "Bathers at Asnières" (1884). Not a seaside but the Seine, yet in a typical Parisian scene. Water and its coolness in the heat of the summer transform the city landscape into a coastal resort!

"Up Early, Summer Coming Through the Mist", by Wendy McBride takes us into a dream.

Like a deep dive into the remaining memories of a summer romance at the beach...!

The ordinary people's side of a typical Sunday at the beach by Rolf Ohst in "Dogsbeach", (2016).

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