3D Art taken to a whole new level!

Have you ever thought of what would happen if we tried to mix furniture & product design with visual arts??

This is what the Swedish artist Anny Wang was thinking and the result was to create a new and totally unique form of art!

But let's find out a few more things about this talented girl...

She was born in Sweden, where she studied interior and spatial design and fine arts..



It all started during here studies, when she was using 3D software for interior and product design purposes. Soon she realized the unlimited possibilities that where opening in front of her eyes and she started exploring and expanding the limits of her inspiration..




She describes herself as a spatial and furniture designer and visual artist. As she says in Metal Magazine: 

"My design process is usually relatively short during the sketching phase. I like to have a lot of time making the result as perfect as it can be. It often starts out with a traditional paper and pen, then the computer along with model making. I like to work with combining three dimensional with two dimensional, and also merge different techniques"



Her main focus is to cause interaction and thinking about the relationships between objects...




What we see is a progressive,aesthetically unique and attractive mix of the realism of furniture design with the surrealism of 3D art!!! 

Enjoy the works of this creative genius...





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