Picasso in Athens!

The love of Picasso for ancient Greek civilization and culture is widely known!

But did you know that he had created a big collection of clay works inspired by ancient Greek mythology, tragedy and comedy?

The Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens has gathered all these artworks and created the “Divine Dialogues” series, a collection where ceramics and designs of Picasso talk with ancient works!

This Divine Dialogue between ancient greek and modern art, named “Picasso and Antiquity – Line and Clay” is taking place in the Museum of Cycladic Art from 20th June to 20th October 2019.

You will have the chance to see 68 rare ceramics and drawings which depict marine creatures, animals, human figures, all inspired by mythological scenes and ancient tragedy and comedy!

One more reason to visit Athens this summer! Don't miss it!




Photos By: Paris Tavitian, Museum of Cycladic Art. © Succession Picasso 2019



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