Satin And Tat Collages will make your day brighter!

Collage is a form of art which was underestimated in the past but during the last decade it has taken the place it deserves in the art world due to many talented collage artists who have emerged in the art scene and captured the interest of the public.

Let's meet one of them!

Kate Cuthbert, the artist behind Satin & Tat, was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. After completing her studies in Interior & Furniture Design, she experimented with many aspects of art and design but eventually landed herself in the art of collage, developing through the years a very unique personal style, which makes her work recognizable and very popular!

As we read in her website: ''Her art making process is an organic and free flowing. She lets her works happen naturally and makes a note not to overwork them. All her collages are hand cut, with absolutely no subjection to digital manipulation''

Her artworks are witty, playful, vibrant, sometimes humorous and sarcastic, sometimes powerfully emotional, but not gloomy, each of them with its' own captivating narrative...

She loves vintage images and fashion and women are very often her basic theme. Her portfolio is constantly developing with interesting collaborations and commissions, such as the album covers for Wanderers and The Vanity Cure and the cooperation with famous author Karen Lynch.

But let's learn a bit more about her...

Kate, what was the first time that you realized you are an artist?

I think I’m still struggling to see myself as a proper artist! I’ve always had an artistic side and a need to express it. I studied furniture design and made jewellery before I followed collage as a full time pursuit. I would say it was a few years ago I started referring to myself as an artist when people asked me what I do, but it always feels strange to say it!

Why do you make collage art? What need do you satisfy by collage?

I can’t pinpoint my exact need to collage, it’s just always there, simmering. It’s an outlet and a way of expressing myself. I don’t aim to make profound statements through my collages and when I do they are heavily veiled, perhaps to hide my vulnerabilities. I collage for the love of it, to create aesthetically pleasing pieces that I hope others can enjoy. If I am unable to collage for even a few days I find myself getting restless and irritable!

What is your most important artist tool?

Is there something you can't live without in your studio?

There are three things I can’t live without- scissors/an exacto knife, paper and glue! Also some good background music, I hate being in complete silence.

How do you know when a piece is done?

I think I know a collage is done when I can’t add to it or take away from it anymore. It’s a gut feeling. I don’t like to overwork my pieces, that’s when things begin to look forced or over done.

Which is the idea, the inspiration behind your last artwork ?

The last collage I made is called ‘Here Comes The Sun’(photo below). It was inspired by the colour palette and the shapes, particularly the semi circle. I enjoy creating colour block backgrounds and placing elements, such as hands taken out of context, on top. I think that the way hands are positioned conveys a subtext to the work.

If you found yourself clinking glasses with your favorite artist, who would you choose and what would you ask him/her?

Oh, that’s a big question! There are so many artists I love for different reasons and in different mediums. In terms of collage, I would love to sit down with Nicola Kloosterman (@ohdecollage) and pick her brain about the process behind her

gorgeous collages.

Kate thank you so much for the wonderful interview and for sharing your art thoughts with us!

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