Amazing houses!

Houses, homes, interior spaces all these are worlds of everyday living, coloured with all the shades of fantasy and safety. Giving imagination a boost when designing a house creates a whole new world of perspectives in terms of habitation! Let's take a look at these amazing spaces around the world..

A trip to art history by the French interior designer Vincent Darré, known for its surreal interior design creations, with baroque aesthetic, full of fantasy and references cubism,futurism and art deco.

All of natural habitat in its finest.. by TheDesignSoc

Who couldn't want to wake up looking at this view? The Corsican seaside cabin"The Hinterland"

Image by Mathieu Salvaing.

Surrealist Painter Pierre Peyrolle's home in France. Oh lala!

Photographed by Rich Caplan for Core Group NYC,the fantastic 1,800-square foot steampunk themed apartment, Located at 120 West 29th Street in the Chelsea neighbourhood of New York. Jules Verne would be so damn proud!

Art nouveau bathroom... to lay and relax for hours! (photo by smalldesignideas)

We don't know who designed or owns this, but to me, is one of the most sofisticated dining rooms I have seen! Love it.

An outside idea now...Dan Havel and Dean Ruck like to transform houses slated for demolition into works of art one of them is this, the "Fifth Ward Jam", named after the many R&B, soul, and hip-hop jam sessions that have taken place throughout this historic Houston neighborhood.

ACA Architects designed the Amphibious House, a flood-resistant home that enjoys gorgeous waterfront views without risk of water damage. Sited on the coveted banks of the River Thames in Buckinghamshire’s town of Marlow, the luxury home, which is described as the UK’s first amphibious house, rests on separated foundations that let the structure float upwards on extended guideposts when the River Thames overflows.

California Desert House by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg. Magnificent!

In the tradition of 'pet architecture' in Tokyo, buildings built in small slivers of land, Klein Dytham Architecture built the Billboard Building.

Double Storey House Renovation Design Beautiful Surreal Reconstruction Of 23 Terrace

by DRTAN ML Architect. Could you be more zen in it?

Last but not least,our favorite greek guesthouse. Melanopetra is a 1850 two-storey stone residence built into the core of the beautiful preserved traditional village of Emporios in Nisyros island, turned into an atmospheric boutique hotel by the owner, architect Anna Apostolou. Pure poetry!

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