Humour in art, 11 artworks that'll make you smile!

Art's purpose is not only to cause social-polital thinking but also to entertain! Surrealism, pop art and collage art have given some of the most amazing ironic-comic artworks we have ever seen!

Below I have selected the ones that really cheered me up and made me laugh, I hope you will enjoy too!

Unfortunately, for some of them I couldn't find the artist, if you know them, I would appreciate a comment below!

O σκοπός της τέχνης δεν είναι μόνο να προκαλέσει κοινωνικό προβληματισμό αλλά και να μας ψυχαγωγήσει! Ο σουρεαλισμός, η pop art και η τέχνη του κολλάζ έχουν δώσει κατά καιρούς κάποια από τα πιο ωραία υπαινικτικά-κωμικά έργα που έχουμε δει ποτέ!

Πιο κάτω έχω κάνει μια επιλογή από αυτά που πραγματικά μου έφτιαξαν το κέφι και με έκαναν να γελάσω, ελπίζω να τα βρείτε και σεις εξίσου απολαυστικά!!

Δυστυχώς για αρκετά από αυτά δεν γνωρίζω τον καλλιτέχνη, αν τον γνωρίζετε εσείς, παρακαλώ αφήστε σχόλιο!

The Secret Life of Comic Heroes, by Gregoire Guillemin.

Alice taking pills, Batman washing his teeth, Snow White smoking and many other superheroes in tasks that you have never imagined they will do!! Absolutely genius, absolutely entertaining!!!

Lynn Skordal aka Paperworker - Pop Tarts, 2012

Just couldn't stop laughing!!!

Prozac collage, unknown artist.

Funny and bitter at the same time, pointing out depression in modern society...

Surreal collage art by the Greek artist Eugenia Loli!

Marvellous concept of a girl drinking a mans' brain with straws!

Dry Cleaning art print by Eugenia Loli...

Surreal collage by Joe Webb...

Simply loved the idea of a giant mixer melting the ice of earth and creating waves!!!

Wish a new the artist of this collage!

A carousel connected with a woman's brain, so funny!!

I found this surreal illustration at Danzamedicina, a website about feminine wisdom, isn't it brilliant?? A giant uterus in shape of a waterfall, implying the stong connection of woman with nature!!!

Αrtwork by Barry Kite

Surreal photography by Dariusz Klimczak...

A steam iron in the desert, smoothing the sand, so humorous and so impressive!!

Another amazing psychedelic collage artwork!

This guy seems to have maaaaaany women in his head!!! :)))

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