January's Feminine Art...by Hülya Özdemir!

The first art presentation for 2019 has a female scent...

The power of Hülya Özdemir's watercolor portraits is the most dynamic inspiration for the new year...a flash of feminine light that fills us with positive vibes and passion!

Subtle, mysterious, sensitive figures of women, with an intense, passionate look in their eyes, blushed cheeks and hair exploding like a flame, vibrant colors and backgrounds full of delicate prints, birds, flowers, dots, lines and various shapes...this is Hülya Özdemir's world!

But let's meet the Turkish artist a little better, in this short interview she gave us...

What was the first time that you realized you are an artist?

Actually I realized I would be an artist when i was at high school. However, I studied music according to the education system at that time.

Why do you make art? What need do you satisfy by painting?

You know, we hear this all the time: ‘Do what you love’ But it's actually quite complicated to do what you love, and that's why it's rarely done.

I had been in a search for a new way of nonverbal communication for long years. As we don't have enough courage to say the word sometimes our mind goes for a silent way to cope with reality. Sometimes we cry but most of the time we turn to our insides. In this introvert mode, we just need a telepathic way to describe our feelings. I think I found art as an option to express my inner voice, which I have no courage to say it out loud. I think i was born in this way and it took some time for me to recognize it. I had no idea where my paintings would take me.

What is your most important artist tool? Is there something you can't live without in your studio?

Music! It’s not a tool but I should definitely listen to music while painting. I find the title of my paintings from the lyrics of the songs I listen to. The title is as important as the painting itself for me.

Which is the idea, the inspiration, behind your last artwork ?

The last artwork I made was the painting I shared in the early days of the new year. It's just a wish for the new year. And this was the first time that I've made a portrait which is smiling that much. It is called «keep dreaming away» (photo below)

How do you know when a piece is done?

The painting itself tells that it is done. When I look at the eyes of the woman in the painting, I feel that she says “I feel complete now”. Then, I realize it’s time to put the final touches.

If you found yourself clinking glasses with your favorite artist, who would you choose and what would you ask him/her?

I would love to have the chance to raise my glass with Frida Kahlo. And, I would ask her to tell her story. Because everyone has a story which brings them to the present state of mind...

Hülya, thank you so much for giving us the first interview for 2019!! Looking forward to your next artworks! In the meantime, let's enjoy some of our favorites from past collections....

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